Bad Faith Insurance Tactics Can Negatively Impact Policyholders

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Blog

Customers that pay for an insurance policy deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. A trustworthy, dependable company will strive to investigate and settle claims in an unbiased, timely manner. Insurance providers that fail to uphold their pledge of honest and fair bargaining or attempt to unjustly deny contract benefits can be held liable for committing an act of bad faith. Bad faith insurance practices often cause emotional distress when claims are denied or delayed or if the policyholder feels they have been misled.

Be Aware of Bad Faith Practices

Before speaking with a claims adjuster, you need to know your rights as a policyholder. A thorough investigation should be conducted and important documents provided upon request. If a claim is denied, a valid reason must be given. The company also should not attempt to offer a low-ball settlement or delay payment. Additionally, the adjuster should not try to threaten, intimidate or give misleading information in order to avoid a claim payment.

How an Experienced Lawyer Can Help

Though anyone can file a bad faith insurance claim, receiving a claim award or settlement can often be a difficult, complicated matter. Claim requirements can vary, so it’s important to fully understand what the law requires in your state. If a bad faith lawyer can prove that a partial or careless investigation was conducted, the chances of an attractive settlement are much greater.

What Type of Damages Can Be Recovered from a Bad Faith Auto Claim

An experienced lawyer can help you recoup the claim amount that should have been initially paid. In addition, you’re entitled to any damage resulting from the original claim denial. This can include attorney fees, the expense of an injury lawsuit and the amount incurred to sue the insurance company. In some instances, payment may be received for emotional distress that resulted from a claim denial. Having to pay for an auto accident lawsuit that should have been the responsibility of the insurance provider can understandably result in severe emotional anxiety and suffering.

Though accidents can cause a great deal of distress from injuries or vehicle loss, filing an insurance claim shouldn’t be a stressful or intimidating situation. If you’ve been in a recent auto accident and feel you’re the victim of bad faith insurance tactics, contact Ryan Malnar for personal injury legal advice today.

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