Bicycle Accident Attorney – If You’ve Been Injured in a Bicycle Accident, is Hiring a Bicycle Accident Attorney a Good Idea?

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Blog

Bicyclists in Colorado Springs must be incredibly careful when they’re riding on the road. It’s important for them to understand the rules of bicycling within the city and understand how to be aware of their surroundings to prevent any accidents. However, no matter how cautious a bicyclist is, there is the possibility they’ll be injured in an accident. If they were not at fault, they might want to consider hiring a bicycle accident attorney to help them obtain the right amount of compensation. This could be the difference between a too-small settlement that doesn’t cover all of their expenses and one that includes non-economical damages as well.

Know the Rules of Bicycling Within the City

This city is home to many people who ride their bicycle to work, to the store, or just for fun. The bicyclists have the right to be on the road just like a person driving a car and they must follow the same rules as drivers. This means they need to drive on the right side of the road, signal their turns, stop at red lights or stops signs, and do everything else a motor vehicle driver must do. Following the law helps to prevent accidents in many cases and can help the person understand when they have the right of way and when they don’t. Bicyclists do not always have the right of way just because they’re on a bicycle instead of in a car.

Be Prepared for Anything to Happen

When someone is riding their bicycle on the street, it’s important for them to be ready for anything to happen. Motorists are often unpredictable, especially since many drivers will text and drive or do something else that takes their attention off the road. Even a split second of looking away can cause them to swerve the vehicle at someone on a bicycle accidentally. Bicyclists should make it a habit to keep an eye on their surroundings and to always listen carefully to what is going on around them. This can enable them, sometimes, to take evasive actions that can lessen the chance of them being seriously injured in an accident.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately Following the Accident

Immediately following the accident, the bicyclist will want to seek medical attention. This will help determine how seriously injured the person is and can help them find out about hidden injuries to start recovering from those as quickly as possible. If the bicyclist is okay and can take themselves to the hospital, it is fine for them to do this instead of going in an ambulance as long as they seek medical attention quickly.

Seek Advice From a Lawyer About the Case

Once they have started recovering from their injuries, the bicyclist might want to contact a lawyer. They should not accept a settlement offer from the insurance company before doing this as the insurance company is likely going to offer them a settlement that’s lower than what they could receive with the right help. They do not have to hire a lawyer for their case, but simply speaking with a lawyer can give them a much better idea of what their rights are and can help ensure they aren’t going to have to pay any of the expenses for an accident they didn’t cause on their own.

Determine if Hiring a Lawyer is Going to be a Good Idea

It can be difficult to determine if hiring a lawyer is really necessary. If the person has been in a biking accident that was not their fault, they may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. If they were seriously injured or permanently injured as a result of the accident, it’s going to be valuable to at least speak with a bicycle accident lawyer before making any decisions. The lawyer can help explain how they can help and what might happen if they try to handle the case on their own. If the person was not injured badly and does not have major expenses from the accident, or any other complications, they might be able to handle the insurance company on their own. It all depends on how severe the injuries were and how the accident occurred as the person might receive less if the insurance company believes they were at least partially at fault in the accident.

If you’ve been involved in a bicycle versus car accident and you were injured, it might be a good idea to at least have a consultation with a lawyer to find out what they can do in your specific case. These cases can be complicated, so it’s often beneficial to get a lawyer’s take on the entire situation before accepting a settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Take the time to contact a bicycle accident attorney for a consultation today so you can get the help you need quickly. If you’re ready to contact a lawyer for help, you can contact Ryan Malnar for help with your personal injury claim.

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