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  • I suffered some broken bones when I was hit by a car while walking. My husband and I immediately decided to get a lawyer because we knew my recovery would be long and expensive. From the reviews, Ryan Malnar sounded like a good person. He came to the hospital to talk to us, during the pandemic, and told us what he could do to help. He and his paralegal team took care of everything in a professional and friendly manner. I cannot thank them enough, and highly recommend Malnar Law, P.C.

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    Dianne Pendleton PooreDianne Pendleton Poore
  • My husband and I were in an accident in our truck, hit from behind. We both had injuries but our case wasn't "big enough" for the first firm we reached out to. We went to visit Ryan and appreciated his honesty right up front. It took a few years, but we were very happy with the result. Ryan and his staff are easy to talk to, very helpful in all aspects of the case, and worked hard for us. We highly recommend their services!

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    Theresa Kaizer PrivetteTheresa Kaizer Privette
  • My Aunt suffered an injury from a car accident that left her with an enhanced cognitive disability. Ryan was so kind, compassionate and patient with her- even when her condition declined to the point of not being able to speak a full sentence. Through all of the ups and downs of the 4 year battle, Ryan and Danielle remained honest, worked hard and were determined to get her the best settlement possible.

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    Betina HawkBetina Hawk
  • I am so thankful I asked Malnar Law to represent me after I was involved in an accident. Unfortunately, there were four vehicles involved, and even though I was an innocent party, the other party's insurance company involved had a very difficult time accepting responsibility for the losses and injuries I incurred. Thankfully, Malnar Law cared, listened and took action to help settle all of my medical expenses, as well as get me back on my feet. Malnar Law is the BEST!

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    Shannon FooteShannon Foote
  • Malnar and his team are amazing. I was in my first car accident; Malnar made it simple. With myself focusing on my injuries, he stood by me and handled the insurance company.

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    Megan ThompsonMegan Thompson
  • After my husband and I were involved in an auto accident, we contacted Ryan Malnar to help us deal with the insurance company and get medical care we needed. He is very professional, caring, and will go to bat for his clients. We were impressed with his communication skills, and his timely response to all our questions and concerns. His staff is also excellent! Highly recommend Malnar Law for any personal injury case!

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    Rachael Hewitt SherwoodRachael Hewitt Sherwood
  • I was hit, on my bike, by a tourist. By sheer luck, I connected with Malnar Law after two other firms refused to take my case because it wasn’t “big” enough. Ryan and his staff worked endlessly on my case which became rather complex due to the opposing side’s insurance company. They never gave up, always kept me informed and up to date on my case, and handled things ethically, timely, and professionally. Ryan and his staff were always quick to respond, really listened to my concerns, and made my case far less stressful than it would have been without their help. Whether your case is big or small, Ryan and his amazing staff will make sure you’re taken care of.

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    Brigid FreimüellerBrigid Freimüeller
  • Ryan Malnar was just so awesome! I was in a car accident in 2017 and was referred to Malnar Law by my chiropractor. I didn't even think about getting an attorney for my accident in the beginning, but I am SO glad I did. Ryan is a very kind, pleasant and professional person. This was my first time ever hiring an attorney and Ryan and his staff made me feel important. Whenever I had a question or concern, he would personally respond the majority of the time and was very prompt to do so. Through the different stages of my case, like deposition and mediation, Ryan prepared me for what it would be like and what would happen. Before any decision was made, he made sure to discuss with me the details and always asked my permission to move forward. My case was just recently resolved and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I appreciate so much the work he and his staff put into my case! I also want to give thanks to Kayla Fiocco, the Paralegal and Office Manager. She was super kind and friendly and even stayed after hours a few times so I could make it to their office after work. I will definitely recommend Ryan to anyone with a personal injury case.

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    Moe GonzalezMoe Gonzalez
  • I am grateful to Ryan for his diligence in getting compensation for me following an incident where I was knocked out by a ricocheted golf ball at a recreation center when other lawyers had said there was no case. He & his staff were patient with my many questions & kept me updated all through the process.

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    Donna SmithDonna Smith
  • I give Ryan 5 stars. Ryan did an outstanding job! I had another attorney prior to me getting Ryan and all I can say is he jumped right on my case. He was extremely professional and He always kept me informed on my case. Ryan did an amazing job fighting the insurance companies. I strongly recommend Ryan if you need an attorney. He went above and beyond for me and my family not to mention he was very easy to speak to. He really does care about his clients, his actions speaks far more then any words. My attorney prior never returned calls and I was never informed of anything, Ryan always had my best interest at heart. I thank Ryan and his staff from the bottom of my heart for all his hard work and dedication to our case.

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    Becky GrayBecky Gray
  • Ryan is a very dedicated and caring lawyer who will not stop until he has helped his clients. He is professional and efficient. We are very thankful for all his help and hard work.

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    Kelsey BrackettKelsey Brackett
  • Natalie ThonethaoNatalie Thonethao
  • Excellent job! Thanks for all your help with the car accident and my injury claim.

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    Brian TauscherBrian Tauscher
  • The financial cost of a car wreck adds to the pain and suffering that follows. My car was total loss and the financial expenses were greater than I could have ever expected they would be.

    Immediately after my car accident, and for weeks afterwards, I was in shock. I was in emotional distress and feeling afraid. Dealing with my insurance company was exacerbating my stress level. Seeking help from Mr. Malnar is one of the best decisions I've ever made. His knowledge and determination minimized my worries. Thanks to his expert advice I am on the road to recovery & I was timely compensated for the property damage.

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    Rosanny Del CarmenRosanny Del Carmen

What to Expect With Malnar Law

Real case studies. Real results.

Maximum Settlement after hiring Malnar Injury Law

After being severely injured in a rear-end motor vehicle accident, a client suffered from  severe lower back pain. After two different attorneys–including a TV law firm– pressured him to settle the case for less than $50,000, the client found Malnar Injury Law. After significant legal maneuvering before trial, the insurance company paid $250,000–5x what the TV law firm offered. Malnar Injury Law also made sure that the client did not have to repay his medical bills and recovered full policy limits on the client’s own underinsured motorist policy so the client netted the majority of the settlement in his pocket.

significant settlement after cyclist Blamed for Accident

A competitive cyclist was injured after being hit by a driver who didn’t see her cross in front of her at a four-way stop. The other driver claimed the cyclist had run the stop sign and was moving so fast that she didn’t see her. The insurance company agreed and refused to even consider offering money in the settlement. Client had significant injuries that required years of rehabilitation. After 3 long, hard years of fighting, the insurance company offered a significant sum to pay all the medical charges just two month shy of trial. Client was ecstatic with the result after a long hard fight.

Ensured Settlement from Underinsured Driver

After being severely injured in a motorcycle accident, a client required surgery. The bills piled up, but the at-fault driver only had $100,000 in insurance coverage. After six months of aggressive negotiation, the at-fault driver paid an additional $112,500 out of pocket for a total settlement of $212,500. Ryan Malnar also recovered full policy limits for the underinsured motorist policy from the client’s own insurance.

Tripled Settlement Value 

A client with significant injuries and $17,000 in medical bills after a minor impact accident hired an attorney who, after 6 months, offered to settle the case for $20,000. The insurance company rejected the offer. The client then hired Ryan Malnar, and after six months of aggressive representation, the insurance company agreed to pay $60,000.

Settlement Higher Than Medical Bills

A client had $10,000 in medical bills, but had injuries that justified a higher settlement than the typical case. Ryan Malnar settled the case for full policy limits of $50,000.

Exonerated Client in Multi-car Accident

A client was in a multiple car accident on I-25 at highway speeds. She was injured and required surgery, but was cited with careless driving for causing the accident. Ryan Malnar got the criminal ticket dismissed and then pursued the actual at-fault driver. The case settled for full policy limits of $200,000.

Full Settlement Despite Blame From Witness

A client hit another driver making a left hand turn at an intersection. The other driver and a witness claimed that the other driver had a green arrow to turn left and our client was at fault. Neither party was ticketed by the police officer due to conflicting witness statements. Both parties sustained injuries. The client had $12,000 in medical charges. Ryan Malnar ensured the insurance company paid full policy limits of $50,000.

Settlement for At-fault Cyclist

A client hit a moving vehicle at an intersection while cycling. The other party blamed the client for the collision, but in eight months, Ryan Malnar settled the case for $45,000.

Full Settlement After Insurance Refused to Pay

After six months with another attorney, a client with significant injury from a minor-impact collision had received no offers for settlement from the insurance. The client then hired Ryan Malnar who immediately pursued the claim in district court. After the strategic litigation tactics, the case settled for full policy limits of $150,000.

Won Case Another Firm Failed to Win

A client was rear-ended by another driver with little property damage and no police report. After almost 3 years with another law firm and no offers on the table, the client hired Ryan Malnar. Over 9 months of litigation, and 3 different insurance experts whose reports Ryan rebutted, the insurance paid the full policy limits.

Settled Case Other Attorneys Wouldn’t Take

A client sustained injuries after falling in a pothole in the parking lot of a local coffee shop. The client had $12,000 in medical charges and spent 18 months looking for an attorney willing to take her case. She hired Ryan Malnar four months before the statute of limitations ran out. The insurance company paid over $30,000 the week before the statute of limitations.

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