Colorado Springs Motorcycle accident attorneys: what can you claim?

by | Sep 18, 2017 | Blog

Have you been in a motorcycle accident, and you’re wondering what you might be owed? Well, it’s a good question- because there are a whole host of reasons why you might be able to claim compensation. Motorcycle accidents can be very serious and debilitating. So it’s little wonder that you might be able to claim a serious amount of money! The following list is just a few of the factors that can allow you to claim more. You may be eligible for some, all, or none of them. But you can always reach out to Colorado Springs motorcycle accident attorneys to find out. In no particular order, you might be able to claim for:

Colorado Springs Motorcycle accident attorneys

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Pain and suffering

Perhaps the first thing that springs to mind is pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is one of the most common reasons why people claim damages during a suit. That’s because it applies to literal, physical pain and suffering- from scratches and grazes to loss of limbs. So, since there are such a wide range of injuries which can cause ‘pain and suffering’, it is one of the most common reasons for damages. You should contact Colorado Springs motorcycle accident attorneys like myself in order to find out whether your claim is likely to succeed.

In order to calculate the extent of your pain and suffering, the extent and severity of your injuries will be considered. Pain and suffering compensation is not simply one easily determined amount- it varies from case to case. That’s why people who bring suits like these are often accused of acting up their injuries! But in all seriousness, you will be due far more compensation if you have lost an arm or leg than if you suffered road rash.

Mental anguish and wrongful death compensation

Mental anguish is similar to pain and suffering. To be more precise, mental anguish compensation is the damages you can receive for mental pain. So, while your most obvious injury may be a broken leg, you could claim for depression because you’re stuck at home all day. Or you could claim for panic attacks and anxiety caused by the accident. Or, in some cases, you could claim for PTSD.

Alternatively, the family of the person in the accident can claim for emotional suffering like grief, embarrassment, or undue worry. This is especially the case if the victim passes away. In those circumstances, you may also be able to claim for wrongful death. In particular, as the surviving spouse of a loved one, your loss of love and companionship is something you can claim damages for. Contact Colorado Springs motorcycle accident attorneys like ourselves to find out more!

Loss of earnings

Loss of earnings, is similar to pain and suffering. But rather than compensating you for the pain of the physical injuries you receive, loss of earnings compensates you for the amount of time you have, or will be, unable to work because of your physical injuries. This depends on a number of factors, first of which again is the severity of your injuries. If your claim for lost earnings is because you received grazes along your side, you will be able to claim for the brief time you have taken off work because of your pain. But by contrast, if you have lost a limb, you may be able to claim for never being able to work again in your life. Claiming damages for loss of earnings can therefore result in a large payout.

Loss of earnings is also dependent on the amount of money that you earn. You might think that this is unfair, but that’s the way that it is! Loss of earnings is calculated based on the amount of money you could be expected to earn, in addition to the amount of time that you won’t be able to work. This is where it gets complicated. Because how can we precisely figure out how much you might be expected to earn? Maybe you feel that you were up for a promotion. But the defendant’s attorney is likely to argue that you weren’t. This is one of the reasons why we recommend contacting Colorado Springs motorcycle accident attorneys rather than taking on the case yourself!

Medical bills

Medical bills are often the most expensive part of damages that a defendant has to pay. As you doubtless already know, medical bills can cost a small fortune. But it’s only right that whoever is responsible for landing you in hospital pays those hospital bills! You can therefore ask for damages from the car that hit you, or the municipal workers who didn’t properly signpost roadworks, or left an oil spill on the road.

The thing to remember about medical bills is that they are expensive no matter what happens to you. The only difference is whether they’re hugely expensive or extremely expensive! Even if you only spend one night in a hospital, this will cost you thousands of dollars. And that’s not including service fees, ambulance fees… I could add to that list all day. So even if you only have a relatively minor injury, it could cost a lot. And that’s especially the case if you have no insurance. So most people try to avoid that cost by claiming damages where possible.