Can a Colorado Springs motorcycle accident lawyer help you?

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Blog

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, you need a Colorado Springs motorcycle accident lawyer. You could always find help through a generic firm, but do you really think they’ll be able to help you with the ins and outs of your case? So you think they can help you just as well as somebody who rides a motorcycle themselves? Of course not!

There are specialist attorneys for every little thing; and not just because they prefer working with a certain kind of case, but because they’ve gone to the State Bar of Colorado, California or wherever else to prove that they’ve especially studied a particular area of the law, and continue to study it on a regular basis. There are attorneys who specialise in personal injury claims, attorneys who specialise in maritime law, tax law… I could go on!

So when you need an attorney after a motorcycle accident, you should really be looking for a Colorado Springs motorcycle accident lawyer.

Colorado Springs motorcycle accident lawyer

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What is a Colorado Springs motorcycle accident lawyer?

There’s a ‘specialist’ motorcycle accident lawyer who can understand motorcycle accidents because they ride on the weekends too; and then there is a specialist who has taken on dozens or hundreds of relevant cases. Ideally, you want somebody who ticks both of those boxes. That way, you can guarantee that your case has the best possible chance of success.

Specialist Colorado Springs motorcycle accident lawyers often solely take on very specific cases, i.e. those involving a motorcycle accident! These cases involve accidents that only affect bikers, which I’ll expand on later. Over time, an attorney’s success with these cases gets them attention, and they make their living solely from that. That’s how it works for any kind of speciality.

Why are there Colorado Springs motorcycle accident lawyers?

There are all sorts of accidents that only happen to people riding motorcycles. Picture somebody who works installing loft insulation; they’re more affected by lung cancer than the general public are by virtue of having inhaled those little floating fibres for a decade, plus. It’s the same for anybody who rides a motorcycle: we’re disproportionately affected by some kinds of injury because of our mode of transport.

First, you have very serious injuries involving both the spine and the brain. Because you aren’t protected by the same hard, outer metal shell that people who drive cars are, you’re far more likely to suffer serious and debilitating damage on the road. Hit and run incidents and accidents because of oil spills and other road debris also disproportionately affect bikers. While you might like to think that a larger firm would understand that and recognise that, it isn’t always the case. You might be turned away even though you have a completely valid claim.

There was a great example in the UK not long ago. A young boy died after playing chicken with an oncoming bike; the biker survived, but suffered severe internal bruising, broken ribs, and awful psychological trauma. They lodged a claim with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, a British governmental institution that pays out money for the victims of violent crime. The biker, a man named Antony Young, spoke with a total of law firms who each individually told him that even though he wasn’t even slightly to blame for his injuries, he couldn’t possibly have a case. In desperation, he contacted a specialist motorcycle accident lawyer, who took his case forward- and he was successful.

Why do personal injuries affect bikers more than other road users?

There are a few reasons why bikers are disproportionately affected. Of course, as we’ve already pointed out, you don’t have the physical protection that a car offers. All you have is a helmet and riding gear, if you choose to wear it. But even that is nowhere near the same protection as a solid metal shield! Riding a bike is quite simply more dangerous to your physical person- so that’s one reason.

Another reason is that motorcycles are harder to spot while moving at speed. If a Mustang is speeding by you at 80 mph, you’ll be sure to see it; but maybe not a Harley (although there’s no excuse for not hearing it). Even so, bikers are typically harder to see either moving beside you or at you while they move at speed, which can result in driver error and an ensuing accident.

Of course, most bikers only tend to get outside in the sun, but motorcycles aren’t just for fun. They’re a real mode of transport, and millions of people rely on them to get to and from work. Motorcycles are also more easily affected by the elements than a car. Slippery ice can make a car skid, and that can be dangerous; but not as dangerous as if you’re on a bike. The same goes for heavy rain and diesel spills left on the road. And poor visibility only adds to the fact that bikes are difficult to see in your mirrors or coming towards you.


Can a Colorado Springs motorcycle accident lawyer help you?

So, now we get to the million dollar question! Of course, the answer is yes. If you needed somebody to defend you in a court of law, you would want to pick an attorney who has a track record in doing just that. As an attorney, I specialise in personal injury cases; if you called my office and asked me to defend you in a court of law, I would say no, and direct you to somebody who specialises in that. That’s because on your day in court, you should have the best possible legal representation.

Over my ten years representing plaintiffs, here in my native Colorado, I’ve represented many a motorcycle accident case. I really do care about fighting your corner. And I really think that if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, that you should hire a specialist.