What Forms of Abuse Are Commonly Encountered in Nursing Homes?

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Abuse within a nursing home setting is commonly tied with negligence. Abuse that takes place within a nursing home can present itself in many forms. Did you know that there are more than 16,000 nursing homes in operation holding more than two million elderly people? An unfortunate result of the increasing numbers of elder people in need of a nursing home is the lack of care that many of these individuals are receiving. If you have someone in a nursing home, you must learn of the various signs and symptoms associated with the various forms of abuse that could be taking place with your loved one.

Our daily lives and responsibilities limit us from being able to care for our loved ones, so we turn to facilities that we trust— nursing homes. Even though these facilities are getting paid to care for your loved one, many of these homes do not care for the well-being of your loved one. In fact, many employees take advantage of their vulnerable state. Your loved one may become a victim of abuse amongst those who should be caring for them. Nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers dedicate themselves in fighting for the rights of these individuals that cannot fight for themselves, especially those who cannot communicate the harm that is being done to them.

Ways an Elder Can Be Abused

Physical Abuse

This form of abuse will be easy for you to see because you might be able to notice some physical marks like bruises, cuts, scratches, or marks of restraints. Keep in mind that your loved one is prone to easily being bruised and might even have unsteady feet. Do not jump to conclusions when you notice a physical symptom. Speak to your loved one first, if possible. If not, start performing your own investigation without blaming anyone until you have determined that they were abusive.

Emotional Abuse

You would most likely to be able to tell that your loved one is being emotionally abused by their change in behavior. If you see that they are suddenly changing, or withdrawing from you, you should consider the possibility of them suffering emotional abuse.

Financial Abuse

Fraud and exploitation follow old people. Because your loved one might not be mentally stable or physically incapacitated, they will tend to fall victims of financial abuse in a nursing home. If you notice a sudden change in their bank accounts or personal items that go missing, they might be experiencing financial abuse.

Sexual Abuse

Although rarer than the other forms of abuse, sexual abuse still takes place within nursing homes. Some signs that you should look out for include bruises around their private areas, bleeding from their rectum or vagina, and even stained undergarments.

If may be appropriate for you to contact your local authorities if you believe your loved one is in immediate danger. The best thing you could do for them is remove them from that dangerous situation. Following their removal, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer that will inform you of your legal options.

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