Looking for an Accident Lawyer Colorado Springs?

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Blog

Being involved in an accident can be daunting enough. Yet choosing the right personal injury attorney can be the hardest part.

Malnar Law, P.C. has been representing people injured in car accidents for over 10 years. In that time, he has settled hundreds of personal injury claims. There haven’t been many curve balls he hasn’t seen in his time. His expert certified knowledge puts him at the top of the game. If that doesn’t help you make a decision, refer to the testimonials of his happy clients that he has helped.

Ryan Malnar only represents injured victims, driven by his passion for justice. This prior experience is invaluable when it comes to negotiating the best settlements possible. To date, he has recovered more than $1 million for his clients.

If you’re based in Colorado, read on and see what makes Malnar Law, P.C. better than the rest!

Accident lawyer Colorado Springs

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Why choose Malnar Law, P.C. as your car accident lawyer Colorado Springs?

  • Every conversation you have will be with an experienced lawyer. Ryan Malnar will handle your case from start to finish and provide 5-star service. Whether you call day or night, he’s always on hand to give expert guidance and see your claim gets off on the right foot.
  • Ryan Malnar works around you! If you’re in too much physical distress he can visit your home, office or hospital.
  • All first consultations come with no obligations and no contractual fees.
  • Every case is on a no-win, no-fee basis. If the claim isn’t successful, you don’t owe him a dime. But that’s not the only reason Malnar Law, P.C. is so driven to succeed: Ryan Malnar is committed to ensuring his clients get the best results and the justice they deserve.
  • All cases are on a contingency basis. You’ll never get hit with unexpected charges or worry about being billed the hour.
  • Ryan Malnar will always take your word for it and help you collate proof to convince other parties. This will ensure you have a strong case and the best possible position to negotiate from.
  • At Malnar Law, P.C., we know that not everyone is familiar with the process of hiring an attorney. It may seem complicated, but in fact it’s easier than you think. You won’t get bombarded with jargon and complicated questions. After one quick phone call you’ll soon find your situation has become an awful lot easier!
  • Malnar Law P.C.’s personable service has earned him 5-star testimonials from past clients. Based upon his genuine interest for each client and their case!

So, what’s the next step?

1) Working on a contingency basis, you’ll meet with Doug who will decide whether you have a genuine case. Honesty and integrity are cornerstones to his service. He will never waste your time, make false promises and raise false hope.

2) After your first consultation, your claim will be ready to submit. You will need the following information:

  • Yours and the defendants insurance and contact details
  • Details of how the incident has affected you. This includes physical suffering and financial loss. Both of these factors will determine the amount of money you are likely to receive.

3) The defendant or insurance company will then respond to the claim. If liability is denied, your claim may need to be settled in court. Yet taking your claim to court is a last resort which your legal team will do everything in their power to prevent.

4) Let Malnar Law, P.C. play hardball with your insurance provider to earn the maximum amount possible for your accident, while you sit back and relax.

About Malnar Law, P.C. Accident Lawyer Colorado Springs

Ryan Malnar prides himself on being a passionate personal injury attorney who makes his service accessible for everyone in Colorado Springs. He offers a personable service that large firms can’t. He doesn’t rely on flashy TV ads to gain attention. His humble reproach is the cornerstone of his reputability. In his 10 years of experience, he has accrued experience in a variety of fields including:

At the root of all Ryan Malnar’s work are dignity and respect. Raised as a Christian he knows the meaning of compassion. His beliefs are a core part of his service. Ryan resides in Colorado, after growing up in Colorado as a child. He then went on to mold his career as a personal injury attorney for 10+ years.

So, why would you need an accident lawyer Colorado Springs?

As your personal injury attorney Ryan Malnar will:

  • Review the car accident reports
  • Collect further evidence
  • Work with yours and the defendants insurance company
  • Foresee any problems that may hinder your entitlement
  • Negotiate the best possible fee
  • Ensure your medical bills and financial needs are considered and recovered
  • Settle in court if necessary.

When should you call a car accident lawyer Colorado Springs?

Never hang around after a car or motorcycle accident. Contact Malnar Law, P.C. as soon as possible. This way, the evidence will be fresh in your mind. You will also have the best chance of contacting your witnesses. Ryan Malnar understands that pain and distress following an incident can be stressful, but you’ll be able to protect your rights best if you contact an attorney as soon as possible. It is always best to involve a personal injury attorney from day one. If you’re worried about medical bills and financial losses the best course of action is to pick up the phone. Malnar Law, P.C. will ensure your injuries are investigated and treated straight away.

Get in Touch Today

So, are you looking for an accident lawyer Colorado Springs? Contact Ryan Malnar via Phone or through the contact form for an immediate response. With a free consultation you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Ryan Malnar has built his practise on more than a name. He built it upon a promise to provide an accessible service to victims that deserve justice.