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Why might you need a pedestrian accident lawyer?

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Blog

Being in an auto accident is bad enough. Being the victim of an auto accident as a pedestrian is even worse. Your injuries are likely to be severe, the mental trauma can be just as debilitating, and the last thing you would like to do is to fight your case with an insurance company. But a pedestrian accident lawyer can help when you need it most.

Colorado Springs pedestrian accident lawyer Malnar Law, P.C. helps you

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Malnar Law, P.C. specialises in road traffic and pedestrian accidents. With his help, you can get as much in damages as possible. So to shed a little more light on how he can help, the post below explains some common injuries that a pedestrian can receive in an auto accident, and why driver error can cause them.

What kind of injuries might a pedestrian receive in an auto accident?

As you can imagine, pedestrians are particularly at risk in auto accidents. If you are in a car, you can still be injured in a crash- of course. But ultimately, you are still protected by a whole range of expensive technologies. Special door designs that absorb the force of a crash, air bags, shatter resistant glass, seat belts and more can all make a crash far less dangerous. These technologies have been developed over the course of decades to lessen the impact of auto accidents.

But as a pedestrian, you have none of this protection. As a pedestrian, you have no protection at all from a speeding car or bike. So, understandably, the injuries can be severe. Below is a brief list of the injuries that you may be able to claim for, depending on the circumstances.

Lacerations, scrapes and bruises

These injuries can result from even a low-impact crash. If you are knocked over, you may have scrapes like these along your legs and back, depending how you fell. And, of course, you will have bruises and lacerations in a high impact crash too- but you will most likely have other far more serious injuries on top of them. A pedestrian accident lawyer like Malnar Law, P.C. can help you calculate how much these injuries may earn in damages.

Basic broken bones

Broken bones are very common after auto accidents. This could be a broken arm or broken ribs, although more common are broken legs and shins. The injury depends on the point of contact, which is going to be the height of the hood, which is normally around the knees or thighs.

Brain injuries

Brain injuries are another unfortunate but common result of auto accidents. As a car hits a pedestrian, it can knock them to the ground at incredible speed. On the one hand, this can break bones and cause extensive physical damage to the body. But the worst damage that being knocked to the ground can cause is to the head, which can hit the ground very hard. In the best case, this can result in whiplash. But it can result in brain injuries or worse. Talk with Malnar Law, P.C. to find out how much these severe injuries might be worth.

Spinal cord injuries

Spinal injuries are some of the worst possible after an auto accident involving a pedestrian. Aside from fatal injuries, those to the spinal cord are probably the worst- they cause paraplegia below the point at which the spinal cord was broken. This permanent disability will stop you from working or being able to enjoy life as you used to. Understandably, then, paraplegia results in some of the most generous damages available after an auto accident.

How can driver error cause pedestrian injuries?

Proving driver liability is essential in any auto accident. The following points are just a few ways in which driver error can cause injuries to pedestrians.

Not stopping for an intersection, stop sign or red light

Anything along these lines can pose a risk to pedestrians, who would expect a car to stop. If a car speeds through a red light, a pedestrian might be crossing the road, having expected them to stop. A pedestrian accident lawyer will help you amass this evidence for your case.

Traveling faster than the speed limit

When they cross the road, a pedestrian might underestimate the speed of a car and cause a collision. Traveling faster than the speed limit also reduces the reaction time that the driver has to change direction or apply the brakes. Again, this can cause a collision with either another vehicle or a pedestrian.

Driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs

Again, this can impair the driver’s ability to stop or steer correctly. This is the case whether the driver is otherwise breaking the law or not, for instance by running a red light.

Distracted driving is a recent addition to the list

Driving while talking on the phone has been a problem for twenty, maybe thirty years now. At first, this was not punishable by law in the same way as driving under the influence. But with the growth of the problem due to smartphones, Facebook and so on, distracted driving regulations have started to be written into law across the U.S. Whether or not it’s illegal, however, it can still result in collisions.

Poor visibility

Poor visibility is yet another reason why a collision may occur. However, if the driver takes reasonable precautions, they may not be held liable for an accident in fog or snow. Ask a pedestrian accident lawyer like Malnar Law, P.C. to get some insight for your particular case!