Commonly requested forms:

Form To Request Tax Return

If you are making a lost wages claim, you may be required to file a request tax form and submit it to the IRS to provide tax records. You can download it below.

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Property Claim Demand

Here’s a sample property demand letter to help you maximize the value of your property claim.

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Request Lost Wages Info

You should keep a record of your accident-related missed time from work. Use the document below to get information from your employer to substantiate your missed work.

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Special Needs Trust Information

If you receive public assistance of any sort, you may lose those benefits unless your settlement is put inside a special needs trust. This document explains different types of special needs trusts within the community.

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Requesting Medical Records

If you decide to save money by requesting your own medical records and itemized bills, use the forms below to make those requests.

If you are a client of Malnar Injury Law, you can use ChartSquad—a third-party vendor that can do this for you—for free.

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Probate Documents/Forms

When a minor is injured and receives compensation, the settlement usually requires oversight by the probate court and accounting with a judge on a yearly basis. You can download the court-required restricted account report form below. 

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