Truck accidents & personal injury claims for the extra damage

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Blog

Truck accidents can sometimes be more devastating than a regular car vs. car accident. Large trucks may weigh more than 80,000 pounds and thus can cause an incredible amount of damage. Trucks this large are more difficult to maneuver and have larger “blind” spots than cars or motorcycles. These large blind spots can cause truck drivers to not see smaller cars and motorcycles which may be completely blocked in their rear view mirrors. Many times, large trucks can change lanes and not even see your vehicle and this is inherent in the nature of driving a truck that is so large.

There can be other contributing factors in truck collisions. Many times, truck drivers have to drive very long distances with little sleep or rest. This fatigue factor can cause accidents and this combined with the large weight of these trucks, can be a deadly combination. One often sees trucks swaying in the wind and the large rectangular size of these trucks can cause the driver to lose control during inclement weather conditions, like strong winds, rain, snow and hail. Brake failure can be a very common factor in the mountains of Colorado and that is why we see so many brake failure ramps on the downhill slopes of mountain highways.

Drivers hit by large trucks often suffer the most damage: to their body and to their vehicle. One can imagine an 80,000 pound vehicle crashing into a small car. If one survives a crash like this, the injuries can be quite severe. Usually, commercial vehicles do carry much more liability insurance than you or I might carry on our personal vehicles as the driver’s company can also be on the hook for your injuries/damages. Oftentimes, one can sue the driver and the driver’s employer or company that the driver is employed by. This allows one to reach into deeper pockets for a personal injury recovery. Naturally, with such a huge dangerous weapon driving down the road, there must be more insurance coverage as more serious injuries usually result.

When involved in a collision with a large or commercial truck, it is important to take photos of the scene, the truck and cars involved, and the injuries on your person. It is also important to call the local police or highway patrol and make sure that an accident report is properly filled out by the investigating police officer. Finally, it is super important to go to the Hospital, either by ambulance or driven by family or friends, and have your injuries checked out and receive proper follow up medical care.

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