Getting Compensated after Burn and Explosion injuries

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Individuals who survive explosions, fires and caustic chemical spills experience injuries that are long lasting, and render the future of the victim uncertain. Treatment of these injuries is difficult and expensive and may continue for a long time. Victims face huge challenges in order to deal with the complex injuries and accompanied complications that can be physical, emotional and financial. For instance:

  • Fractures and other injuries that resulted from the blast
  • Injuries resulting from inhalation of smoke such as damage to the lungs and vocal cord damage leading to breathing difficulties
  • Infections of the skin that result from burns
  • Disfigurement or permanent damage
  • Victims may suffer from psychological disorders like Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Disability and pain resulting from the injury
  • Loss of ability to work
  • Expensive and extensive medical treatments and rehabilitation
  • Financial insecurity resulting from loss of work and medical cost

Anyone suffering from burns in an accident that is caused due to negligence of another person has significant legal rights. In order to protect their legal rights and recover damages, the plaintiff should file a lawsuit against the responsible party.

How can an attorney be of service?

Burn injury cases are amongst the most difficult to handle. Injuries are not only severe in these cases, but they also require expensive medical treatment. Besides, evidence that is required to prove negligence of the responsible party may also have been destroyed. All these challenges make a burn accident case even more problematic. An attorney experienced in handling these types of cases can be helpful by:

Inspecting the scene – An experienced attorney knows where to look for evidence and how to investigate the scene of the accident. He or she can get a restraining order to access and preserve any evidence found at the crime scene.

Collecting Evidence – Every bit of information related to the accident, from details that caused the accident to the medical records of the burn victim, can serve as evidence. Someone experienced in handling these cases is capable of identifying and gathering valuable evidence. In order to investigate further, video recordings, evidence of past accidents and unsuccessful safety precautions can all provide strong support to the case.

Ascertaining the value of the case – An experienced attorney takes into consideration all the evidence related to the case to conclude the financial value of the losses comprising the medical treatment that the victim is receiving, the variant of medical treatment that will be required in the future, the work that the victim has missed and the influence of these injuries on the life of the victim. The responsible party can be identified with the help of an experienced attorney and the bills can also be managed while the case is pending.

Signing the Right Experts – These experts may include scientists who are specialized in fires and explosions, doctors, economic experts, industry safety experts and other experts that can prove useful for the victim in supporting their claim and proving the extent of damages.

Identifying the way to effectively claim the case – An experienced attorney also takes into consideration the various rules that regulate fire and explosion cases. These specifics reinforce the victim’s case by proving negligence and why the victim is deserving of the compensation.

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