Medical malpractice and injuries

by | Sep 17, 2017 | Blog

What is medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice, also known as medical negligence refers to the negligence of some professional or a particular person during the treatment that results in injury or unwanted disease or death. The medical malpractice could be in the form of different negligent activities but the most common causes are as follows:

Failure to diagnose 

If a doctor fails in diagnosing the patient properly, medical malpractice occurs. For example, if a doctor has not listened to his patient carefully, there is a chance that he can write the wrong prescription or give wrong medication or wrong dose to his patient. Hence, when a doctor fails to diagnose a patient properly, medical malpractice occurs.

Communication fallacy between doctors

After examining the patient, the doctor explains his team of doctors or the staff regarding the condition of a patient. There is a chance that the other doctors might not listen carefully and forget the instructions and as a result, gives the wrong dose to the patient.

Surgical Errors

Injuries caused by surgical errors are the most occurring injuries and from all the medical malpractice claims, 1/3 of them are surgical errors. Surgical mistakes can be in many forms such as the use of infected surgical instruments or tools during the surgery or if a doctor decides to do surgery at an inappropriate time or damage to an organ or nerve during the surgery. The patient might face unwanted disease or even death after these kinds of surgical errors.

Medical malpractice and injuries

If your injury is caused by someone else, you need to check whether it’s a medical malpractice case or not because only then you can claim for compensation against the person who is the reason behind your injury. If a doctor has not treated you like you should be treated and that causes more diseases that should not be there if the doctor had treated you well, then you must claim a case against the doctor for the compensation. When someone else is the reason of our injury, it becomes mandatory to file a case because it would help you emotionally to overcome the disease. Moreover, the medical malpractice lawyer helps you in making your case strong so that you won’t have to face any complications financially in future.

Role of Percy Martinez Law Firm and Medical Malpractice Attorney

From all the patients in the USA, 2.9% becomes the victim of medical malpractice and from all the deaths in the USA, 0.8% have been occurred due to the medical malpractice. The Percy Martinez law firm has provided many experienced and passionate Medical malpractice lawyer in helping the various patients that have been the victim of medical malpractice. Now, the number of patients due to medical malpractice is decreasing because the doctors are more careful than before and the people are more aware than before. The people know the worth of their life. The death rate is reducing day by day. Moreover, the medical practice lawyers are also playing an important role in helping the patients to overcome the disease they are suffering because of the medical malpractice.